Schools in the rural areas of Sri Lanka often lack sufficient funds to provide extra reading materials to the students.  At the request of a number of these schools, Cherith has launched a program to provide mini libraries.  This will enable students to read books at school  or borrow them.   In addition, public library facilities in the rural areas are limited or non-existent.  Therefore, having a mini library is an important feature for these schools where kids from low income families attend.  The mini libraries will enhance the further development of children and provide them with better opportunities in a highly competitive educational system.

A mini library consists of one or two steel cupboards with glass doors where books can be displayed.  The cupboards also provide a place for books to be kept safely under lock and key.

The schools will come up with a list of reading materials for the students (from Grade 1 to Grade 10) in three different languages. (English, Sinhala and Tamil).  Cherith will purchase the cupboards and books at nearby stores, thus supporting the local economy.  The list of the books is inventoried before handed over to the school.  The Principal of the school will receive the books and provide an acknowledgement to Cherith.

School principals, teachers and parents are happy about the mini library concept as the kids get excited to read and are motivated as they see a new library in their school.  The gratitude of the school directors is amazing.  They express how much they value the contribution of the books, which  they would have been unable to purchase otherwise.

The cost of a mini library for an elementary or middle school is $185 for one cupboard filled with books.  Please contact us if you would like to help less privileged children to advance!

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Mini Libraries
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