Cherith International is dedicated to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged and vulnerable families in Sri Lanka.  Igniting the potential of less privileged children through educational support is an important focus of Cherith’s programs.

All programs are based on needs identified by the people themselves and are carried out by Sri Lankans through the Association Cherith Asia, registered in Sri Lanka.  Cherith works in close cooperation with social workers, religious leaders, gramma sevaka’s (local officials), and schools.  We help people irrespective of their religion, ethnicity or gender.  Assistance, however, can create dependency.  Cherith, therefore, seeks avenues to help people use their potential to break out of the vicious cycle of poverty.

A number of programs have been setup to meet specific needs.

  • Education – providing monthly educational support to less-privileged children, mini libraries and educational materials to small rural schools.
  • Shoes for Kids – distributing shoes, socks, backpacks and/or basic school supplies to poor school children.
  • Cloth Distribution – donating clothes and essential apparel to needy people.
  • Food Bank – helping widows with children and vulnerable families by providing monthly nutritious food parcels.
  • Medical Assistance – assisting those in need of urgent medical attention.
  • Shelter Assistance – helping poor families to improve their existing shelter and/or provide water and sanitary facilities.

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Together we can make a difference in the lives of despairing people!  Please contact us or donate now!

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