Serving those in need

Handing over a parcel at Cherith's Food BankMany families in the area of Nawalapitiya are living on the breadline, their housing situation is often below standard and the number of people (young and old) who are illiterate is quite significant. Cherith International is dedicated to improve the living conditions of these poor and vulnerable families through various programs. We help people irrespective of their religion, ethnicity and gender.

A number of programs have been setup to meet specific needs.

  • Education - offering free classes to less-privileged children at Cherith's Educational Center. The classes are focusing on improving their language skills.
  • Shoes for Kids - providing shoes, socks, backpacks and basic school supplies to poor school children.
  • Micro Loans - stimulating people to start or expand a small enterprise through interest-free micro loans.
  • Food Bank - helping parents who are unable to feed their children due to an emergency situation, like unemployment or sickness of the breadwinner.
  • Shelter assistance - helping poor families to build a one-room starter home, improve their existing shelter or provide water and sanitation.
  • Medical Assistance - assisting those in need of urgent medical attention.

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BeneficiariesTogether we can make a difference in the lives of despairing people - you are at home and we in Sri Lanka. Please, donate now!

People are daily visiting Cherith’s Resource Center with requests for assistance. In order to help the most needy, we ask people to present referral letters from the ‘gramma sevaka’ (a local official) and their religious leader. Assistance, however, can create dependency. We, therefore, seek avenues to help people breaking out of their vicious cycle of poverty. For instance, by stimulating income generating activities.